Stories and vignettes

Paper Dragons and Shadow Demons – Book One of the Hidden Realm series

Temp cover for Paper Dragons-COMING SOON

This is my first novel, written in 2009 during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It follows Sarah, a young girl with a vivid imagination who gets herself into trouble because of it. The story explores all the things we are afraid of as children. I am currently preparing Paper Dragons and Shadow Demons for publication. It will soon be with my editor to clean it up but I need to finish my edits on it first.

The Children of the Hidden realm – Book Two of the Hidden Realm series

This is the second novel in this series. It follows Michael as he battles through the Hidden Realm to save the children kept there. In this second story we explore the Hidden Realm in all its beauty and horror.


Flash it! Cover

Published in Flash It! flash fiction anthology. This brief story shows the decisive, life changing moment for Clara, a woman in an abusive relationship.

The Story of Billy Jamieson

Flash it! Cover

Published in the Flash It! anthology, The Story of Billy Jamieson is a transcript of a psychotherapy session for young Billy; where he explains his strange disappearance and reappearance, some fifteen years later. The Story of Billy Jamieson is from the same universe as Paper Dragons and Shadow Demons.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Writers' Anarchy III-Heroes and Villains

This is the story of a family racing to survive a tornado. The daughter, Carly, realises one of the family is missing and races back to the house to find her. This story is being published in Writers’ Anarchy III Heroes and Villains, sometime in the October 2014.


Harvest banner THIS ONE

Harvest follows a family on their farm, sometime in the future. Technology is not a part of their lives. They use horses to work the land. Autumn is the time to bring in the crops. The weather begins to change, the trees seem to glow in hues of orange, brown and red. Autumn brings the end of summer, the hints of the winter to come; and something else… This story is being published in Anything Goes, an unthemed short story anthology from Writers’ Anarchy.

In the Stillness and the Silence

Set in the trenches of World War I, this short story follows the war of Private Nobby Smith. He not only has to survive the horrors of war and of life in the trenches, but also faces a war of a different kind as more than the enemy stalk his every move. I have submitted this story to Sins of the Past, an historical horror short story anthology.


Unrequited is the story of Stacey who is being stalked by a man known as the Watcher. She has no idea of his obsession with her, until this night. The story is told from both Stacey’s and the Watcher’s perspectives and the pace builds to a thrilling conclusion. I submitted this piece to a programme called, Fragments of Fear. This is to be a television show for a new Freeview TV channel in the UK. It will also be streamed on the internet. The programme has three narrators who will read 10 minute stories using sound effects, music and visuals to help tell the tale.

I’m incredibly happy to report that Unrequited has been accepted. I am very excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to working with the actors and producers of the show. I don’t have any dates or further details yet. As soon as I have more, I’ll let you know.

Wolf Tears

Wolf Tears is based around the old fable if the boy who cried wolf. It is set within the Paper Dragons universe and I am going to submit it to a Dark Fairy Tales and Fables anthology called, Darkly Never After. I’ll keep you posted on acceptance and release dates.

School of Hard Knocks
This story is about a young boy who is being regularly bullied at school. The story shows how he overcomes the tyranny of the bully, with a little help, and rises above it. This is for a fun anthology I’m organising with a working title of An Anthology of Pants (trousers). No release date yet.

A Pea’s Lot in Life and The Princess, the Queen, the King, the Prince and the Pea

These are two stories based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. I have a very tight deadline on these, as they have to be submitted by 1st April 2014, for an anthology called, Fairy Tale Therapy. I need to get my skates on! As ever, I’ll keep you posted.

When Green Goes Mean

I’m really enjoying writing this story. It’s an eco horror/comedy about a civil servant who unwittingly unleashes havoc with his over-exuberant need to be ‘green’.

FWG Stamp Solid FWG


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