Flash It! Flash fiction anthology


Published 31/10/13

Flash it! Cover

Flash it! Flash Fiction Anthology

Fiction Writers’ Group has done it again, continuing its Writers’ Anarchy anthology collection with a fine collection of short stories of 1,000 words or less… flash fiction. Inside these pages you’ll find inspiration with quick reads that will leave you wanting more. 

Read Graeme Clark’s tale of a mail delivery person’s worse nightmare, with dogs that are even worse than usual, in “The Last Post”. Then, Hayley Carter’s “Platinum Blonde” goes a bit beyond hair color, with an unexpected twist. 

From Cathy Conway’s “Olive Tree Manor”, to HMC’s “Hilary’s Shadow”, Sam Manzini’s “The Little Blade”, to Ted Atoka’s crazy chicken in “Dammit”, you’ll laugh, feel your scalp tingle and discover you just cannot put this one down. 

Flash It! is the name to watch for in an ongoing new story series by writers from all over the globe. Flash It! offers new writers an opportunity to strut their stuff, and new readers a chance to discover new writers who capture the imagination and increase the appetite with bite-size stories that taste like hors d’oeuvres but fill you up like a seven-course meal. 

Ted Atoka, Christopher Bell, D. Jonathan Brodie, Hayley Carter, Jeanette Chaplin, Earl Chessher, Graeme Clark, Cathy Conway, Angel Cox, Fern Willows, Robert Friedrich, Patti L. Geesey, Nicci Hartland, T.D. Harvey, Wayne Hills, HMC, Bryan Holland, Anthony Hulse, Nadeem James, V. Jauregui, Leia Stone, Eddie Khaymovich, Debbie Manber Kupfer, Renee’ LaViness, Dan Lambert, Gary Lines, Sam Manzini, J.W. Martin, John McGinn, M. McGriff, Dave Morehouse, Pamela Murray, Adrian J. Novelle, Kelly O’Callan, Mackenzie Otter- son, Emmie Nicole Park, Dave Perry, Tobias Roote, Sanjaya, Krishna Sarma, Moody Val, Stuart Welch, Kat Yares.


This brief story shows the decisive, life changing moment for Clara, a woman in an abusive relationship.

The Story of Billy Jamieson

The transcript of a psychotherapy session for young Billy; where he explains his strange disappearance and reappearance, some fifteen years later. The Story of Billy Jamieson is from the same universe as Paper Dragons and Shadow Demons.

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