Anything Goes Anthology Volume I

Publishing date 01.09.14

Shades of Fear cover

Shades of Fear A Charity Anthology

Fears are stories we tell ourselves. These fears exist everywhere: in our minds, in our neighborhoods, and in all the places beyond. Come with us as our 22 writers take you deep into their world of fears, exposing the vulnerable spots in each writer’s soul. What strikes fear in their hearts will haunt you. 

Including stories by : Author K Webster, Author rJo Herman, Author T.D. Harvey, Author Maria Sauerbrei, Author Krista Redmayne, Author Kerry E.B. Black, Author Laura K. Cowan, Author Jack Darkness, Author S.M. Lowry, Author Joi Miner, Author Matt Lovell, Author BB Raven, Author Stance A. Bingham, Author D.K. Cassidy, Author Michael Mill, Author Roxanna Mitchell, Author Shannon McLoud, Author C. Lloyd Brill, Author Adriel Reed, Author Debbie Manber Kupfer. Cover design and artwork by Mika Sugano. 

All proceeds of this charity anthology go to benefit pediatric cancer research and patient care. 

Hunting Season

Emma Grainger wakes to complete silence and darkness. She cannot move and she has no idea how she got there. She manages to release herself from her bindings and realises she is much more danger once free.

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