Monday 21st December 2015

Grumpy Kike

I am Kike (pronounced Keekay, get it right, readers). I am a 4 year old Tonkinese cat and this is my journal of the trials and tribulations I face as a house cat who is smarter than her humans and brother combined.

Monday 21st December 2015

Christmas is upon us. Ajali and I have been helping decorate the tree, wrap presents and sort through the shopping bags our male slave brings home. I enjoy Christmas and this will be Ajali’s first. I have told him about the food and the presents, but he doesn’t believe such a time can exist. I look forward to showing him he is wrong.


Ajali playing in boxes

Ajali remains excitable and rather uncouth. He leaps about, making the humans laugh. He steals anything and everything. It’s like living with a puppy. He chews everything he can get his sharp teeth on, including me! That’s when I yowl and the slaves pull him off me. Sometimes I yowl when he hasn’t even touched me, just to see him pulled away. Although the humans are getting wise to this now. Who would’ve thought they were smart enough?

Anyway, here’s something interesting. Remember when I said something is coming? Well I was right. I don’t know what it is, but whenever Ajali bites me they assure me Busu will be here soon. Should I infer this Busu will somehow stop Ajali biting me? Perhaps a Busu is a protective coating? Or a barrier I can breach but my pesky brother cannot? I don’t know, but I shall keep you posted.

In the meantime, Ajali may be irritating, but he plays a mean game of chase. That kitten is fast, but I am wily. I always win. Always.


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