Friday 9th October 2015

This morning my human slaves took Ajali away and came back without him. I admit I was somewhat fond of the little guy, despite him irritating me to distraction. And he really wasn’t that little. He’s bigger than me. He’s always biting me or chasing me. It simply isn’t decent, dignified behaviour.


Behaviour. He doesn’t really understand the concept of good behaviour. He’s always stealing things. Stupid things like spoons or scissors. If you’re going to steal, although I have some issue with the term steal– how can I possibly steal something that is mine by right? Anyway, if you’re going to steal, make it cheese, or ham. Make it chicken or fish. Something worth stealing. I have no idea what he wanted a spoon for.

The slaves are constantly catching things he throws from the shelves, chasing him to pull things from his mouth and racing to rescue some prized possession he’s about to destroy. I’m not surprised the slaves finally realised he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

So now he’s gone and it’s back to just me and my humans. Oh I know I was lonely after losing Kai, but I’m sure I’ll be better able to cope with that this time. What is more important is this house finally revolves around me alone. As it should be. So far, they’ve given me treaties to apologise for leaving me alone this morning. They fed me breakfast as they left and I chuckled to myself because they didn’t give Ajali any!

Today is a good day. The first day of the rest of my life.




He’s back. He smells funny, like the place we go to see the woman who stabs us. I hissed at him when he arrived. I let him know I wasn’t impressed at his return.

But, in all honesty, I think maybe I am pleased to have him back. Just don’t tell him that. He’s too full of himself as it is.



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