Sunday 14th June 2015

Grumpy Kike

I am Kike (pronounced Keekay, get it right, readers). I am a 4 year old Tonkinese cat and this is my journal of the trials and tribulations I face as a house cat who is smarter than her humans and brother combined.

Sunday 14th June 2015

They left me again. Again! I was about ready to leave a steaming pile on their bed when I heard the car. I ran to the stairs to find out where they had been and to remind them they had abandoned me. The female human came in alone. She rushed to me, as she jolly well should and scooped me into her arms.

All right, I admit…I couldn’t resist purring. I was so happy not to be alone. Without my brother beside me I had been feeling, well, vulnerable. Of course, Kai would have been useless if trouble had found us, but at least I would have had some back up. Anyway, back to the story. She carried me to the living room and took down the treatie pot–my reason for living. The guilt was strong in this one!

I could hear the male human coming in, but treaties trump punishment so I let him wait to grovel. However, he didn’t appear and soon a familiar, yet strange smell reached my sensitive nose. The door to the spare room shut and from behind it I heard a cat. Well, as you can imagine I was shocked. Could it be? Could Kai finally be home? Was he alive all along and simply held captive elsewhere?

I raced to the door and tried to make my way in, but I was locked out. The miaows grew louder, a call to arms. I was there, ready and waiting, but barred from entry. I called back, to let him know I was with him and he called back to me.

It was strange though. He didn’t smell right. But who else could it be? Finally, after what felt like days of desperate calling, the door was opened ajar. I tried to push into the room but my female¬†human held me back whilst my male human stopped me pushing the door from the other side. But it didn’t matter, for a beautiful feline face peered at me through the crack.

It wasn’t Kai. I could see and smell that now. It was another cat, a kitten. He was small and crying for company. I tried to push into the room, but I wasn’t the cat he was expecting. Perhaps he expected his mother, or his siblings? Either way, it wasn’t me. He panicked and hissed.

14.06.2015 (43a) 14.06.2015 (44)

How dare that little upstart hiss at me in my own home? I hissed back and the door was closed. Later, I sat on the sofa alone. My humans had been fussing over food and toys for the interloper so I sat alone in complaint. The spare room opened and the tiny kitten entered the living room. I wanted to be annoyed, but he was small and worried and calling for his mother. So I sat still and watched him.

He was brave for one so young. He explored the room, calling for his family less and less. When he saw me, he hissed and backed away. I ignored the slights, knowing he was acting out of fear.

“This is your new baby brother, Kike,” my female human said. “His name is Ajali.”



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