Writing prompt: Resignation

I felt resigned to my fate. I know. Living the cliche, right? But it’s still how I felt. There was no going back now. I had no choice but to meet this head on. Damn. More bloody cliches. I’m headed to the biggest moment of my life and I can’t even manage an original thought. What did it really matter though? At that point I had one direction, one goal, one ending. May as well take comfort in the small things, no time to stop and smell the roses, life is like a box of chocolates. I grinned at my foolishness and sighed. I couldn’t put this off any longer.

I stepped through the portal and into a tunnel of complete darkness. At regular intervals, flashes of light streaked by, momentarily blinding me with their brilliance. In the distance the darkness gave way to a gloom. The gloom gave way to a pale light that grew in size and brightness as I drew nearer.

The sight that met me in the brilliance at the other end of the tunnel, was indescribable. Almost nothing was visible because the light was so bright it washed away any edges or form. I tried to shade my eyes, but the light seemed to eminate from all around, and not from above as I was used to.
Movement drew my eye and I watched as a tall form emerged from the fluorescence.

“It’s been a while,” the form said.

“I never intended to return,” I answered. “But under the circumstances…”

“You were right to change your plans. You are needed here. You’re the only living member of your family and you must take the throne.”

I sighed, showing my displeasure at the news. “Even my baby sister?”

“All gone,” my companion said. “Our world is in chaos. We need you to guide us to peace once more.”

“Again? I know, I know, duty, loyalty, blah blah. I forgot how bloody bright it is here.”


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