Unrequited – soon to be televised

Unrequited is the story of Stacey who is being stalked by a man known as the Watcher. She has no idea of his obsession with her, until this night. The story is told from both Stacey’s and the Watcher’s perspectives and the pace builds to a thrilling conclusion. I submitted this piece to a programme called, Fragments of Fear. This is to be a television show for a new Freeview TV channel in the UK. It will also be streamed on the internet. The programme has three narrators who will read 10 minute stories using sound effects, music and visuals to help tell the tale.

I’m incredibly happy to report that Unrequited has been accepted. I am very excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to working with the actors and producers of the show. I don’t have any dates or further details yet. As soon as I have more, I’ll let you know.


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