Writing prompt – Picture prompt

The crisp, sharpness of the cold air hurt my lungs as I breathed deep. I stared at the building that had once been my home. The snow crunched beneath my feet as I carefully walked towards the boarded up cottage. No-one would buy it. We, or rather our solicitors, had tried tirelessly to sell the damned thing but despite dropping the price to half its value, there was not one person willing to take it off our hands. In the distance I could hear the rumble of large vehicles and I knew the demolition crew were arriving. I watched, numb, as the vehicles tore the building apart. The large grey ball swinging and hitting the house, like some bizarre game. Thunderous crashes, groans and clatters could be heard over the roaring engines as my house, my home, was raised to the ground. I turned away, not wanting to see the rest.
“Good riddance,” I growled and walked away, not once looking back to that place of evil.


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