Interview with Kellee Gilmore – Author of Mahogany Sin

Kelee Gilmore

What do you love most about your novel, Mahogany Sin? What do you hope readers will love most?

My favorite aspect of Mahogany Sin is the relationships. Not just between Valerie and Edric, but the relationship with her friends and her family as well. I put a lot of time and feeling into those connections because I wanted the readers to feel attached to every character in the book. I hope the people who read my book fall in love with the characters as much as I have.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Did something or someone spark the idea for Mahogany Sin?

Mahogany Sin began as a dream about my main male character Edric Cofi. He was at the top of my mind for weeks, before I finally decided to begin writing the story. Once I did, the ideas and story flowed very quickly. I was completely enthralled with the characters and thoroughly enjoyed telling their story.

Valerie Chamber is a feisty woman who knows what she wants. Is there a lot of you in her character?

I am a lot like Valerie. I’m determined and can be a control freak most of the time. I’m very ambitious and when I set my mind to something, I’m going to keep at it until it’s done. In that way Val and I are very much alike.

Kellee, tell us a little about yourself. What music do you like to listen to when you’re writing?

I’m a wife and mother to two little boys. I work full time at a mortgage company but wish I could stay at home to write more. Bills have to be paid, so unfortunately I have to keep my day job….for now.

I don’t listen to music when I write; I find it too distracting. I think it’s because I love music as much as I love story telling. When I’m listening to a song I really enjoy, I’m completely focused on the song. It’s the same thing when I write. When I’m telling my character’s story nothing else exists.

What is your writing area like? Describe it for us.

I don’t have a designated writing area. When I’m at home, I pick the quietest room, take a seat anywhere and escape into my little world. Sometimes I write on the train during my morning and evening commute. It gets noisy but my characters’ voices are louder making it easy to ignore the other riders.

Why writing? How did you start and who or what inspired you to put pen to paper?

I always loved to read as a kid. I loved the way a good story made me feel. When I was in fifth grade I had a student teacher who gave us an assignment to write a story. It was the most fun I’d ever had doing homework. After the assignment was complete the seed was planted. I began to create short stories and poems from that point on. I wanted to be able to write something that could invoke intense feelings when read. The same feelings I experience when I read an amazing story.  Every great book I read inspires me to put pen to paper.

How do you balance being a writer and a wife and mother?

It’s certainly not an easy thing to do. When I spend too much time writing I feel like I’m neglecting my children and husband. When I spend time doing everyday things, I feel bad for not squeezing in an hour or so to write. I usually work on my novels after I put the kids to bed for the night and then I don’t feel so bad. I have to be mindful of that too because I don’t want to neglect my husband either. It’s hard to balance everything but I try my best to manage my time well. It seems to be working so far.

If you could have a paranormal romance, who with, what type of paranormal being and why?

Great question! I love vampires but I’d have to go with a werewolf. They’re protective, strong, and dominant. As opposed to vampires, they can walk in the sunlight. As long as he doesn’t mark his territory by peeing on my furniture, I would be happy with a werewolf.

What can expect next from the pen of Kelee Gilmore?

Next year it’s my plan to publish two novels and one short story. My story, The Birth of a Villain, was accepted into Writers’ Anarchy III and I’m beyond excited about it. This story will probably be the first piece of work I publish in the New Year. Currently, I’m writing part two of Mahogany Sin. It should be ready for publishing by the middle of 2014 (fingers crossed!). I also have another novel I began in 2009 I’m planning to revamp and finish. I think it should be ready by the later part of 2014.

I plan on keeping myself very busy next year!

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