Book Review of Kellee Gilmore’s Mahogany Sin


My rating 5/5

Mahogany Sin is a Paranormal Romance, a genre I would not normally choose to read, but I am very happy to have found this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing has a natural and comfortable feel, like you’re simply listening to a friend tell you their tale. The use of colloquial language and friendly banter in the dialogue helped to create an intimate feel of chatting with friends. The main characters are interesting and strong. Valerie Chambers is smart and feisty. She has left behind her wild, playgirl lifestyle and is an ambitious accountant. Edric is smooth, confident, charming and successful. The owner of multiple clubs, he works hard and plays hard. It is easy to like them both. They very quickly fall for each other and it is not difficult to see why. The supporting characters are equally well written. The relationship between the three girls is particularly well realised.

There is a fair amount of sex in this book. It is honest and playful, leaving the reader a little hot under the collar. The feelings and emotions expressed are refreshingly forthright, particularly between the girls.

This story is not only about love. Valerie soon finds herself in danger as she is stalked by a hooded woman. Her fears are soon compounded when she realises Edric is more than he appears. Valerie’s life changes forever and the reader follows her on that journey, feeling her pain, overcoming her fear and enjoying her triumphs along with her. This first book in the series introduces an interesting paranormal underworld that exists in plain sight. I look forward to exploring this world in more detail in later books.

The pacing is good. It reads fast and urgent in all the right places, contrasting beautifully with the slow and sensual love scenes. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal fiction.

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Kelee Gilmore

Kellee A. Gilmore was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where she currently resides with her husband and two sons. As a young girl, Kellee was captivated by horror movies and R.L. Stine novels. Her love of books began at a very early age thanks to the children’s book clubs her mother enrolled her in every year. Whenever the briefcase shaped boxes that contained her new books arrived at her doorstep, she opened them immediately, filled with joy and anticipation.

Kellee’s love of books naturally shaped her passion for writing. She has been creating short stories and poems since the age of eleven. Although she’s written romance stories and dabbled in fan fiction, her favorite genre to both read and write is paranormal romance. At the age of thirty-one, she began writing her first paranormal romance novel, embarking on the journey of living out her dream.


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