Twas The Night Before…

A collection of 100-word drabbles, just for the holidays, from Fiction Writers Group. This free anthology was proposed, compiled, and lovingly formatted by Gary F. Lucas, who also


wrote the introduction. Click anywhere in the below poem (also a drabble!) to get access to the free PDF. We hope you all enjoy. Don’t forget to comment, and share with your friends!


Twas the Night Before Christmas, when all through the house
all the writers were typing; it was a madhouse.

Each word was counted; some trimmed here, some there,
in hopes that a drabble, they’d have to share.

One hundred words to use, not a smidge more,
to convey Christmas feelings, but not be a bore.

Tales from the young and tales from the old,
Ideas from muses, spun into gold.

Christmas stories emerged from pens,
eliciting laughter, tears, guffaws, and grins.

Collected they were, formatted and freed,
in hopes that you all would give it a read.

So click on, dear reader! Click on! Click on!
A PDF awaits–it’s sure to be fun!