Prize winning flash!

At the recent launch party for the Flash It! anthology I won a signed copy of G. T. Lines’ A Woman Scarred. This is a fabulous fantasy novel by a great writer.

A Woman Scarred

So, the competition was to write a story, in less than 150 words, about this picture:

Gary Lines competition

She crouched in the graveyard to catch her breath. She didn’t have long before he caught up to her, so she forced herself up and running once more. He was angrier than she had ever seen him. His face had turned from scarlet to white with rage. She was sorry. She shouldn’t have done it, but he wouldn’t listen. He hit her, hard and knocked her down. Despite the pounding in her head, she mustered the strength to grab a rock and hit him. That gave her the head start she needed. But now she could hear the crashing of brush as he closed in.
“You shouldn’t have hurt my dog!”
“I’m sorry!” she said.
“Too late!” He smashed her over the head with the same rock she had used. Then turned and headed home to check on his dog.


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