Extract from The Story of Billy Jamieson

The Story of Billy Jamieson is a flash fiction story, published in Flash It! on 1st November 2013. This story gives a taste of the world that awaits in my forthcoming novel, Paper Dragons and Shadow Demons.


The story of Billy Jamieson by T. D. Harvey, copyright 2013

Excerpt from: Transcript of Patient Assessment Session, Billy Jamieson, May 23, 2013, Dr. Albert Klein, Assessing Psychiatrist. Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Patient appears agitated, fearful and distracted.

Klein, Dr. Albert: All right, Billy, in your own words.

Jamieson, Billy: My name’s Billy. I didn’t remember that…for a long time. Thing is, I left for a while and it was…as if I’d never been here. It was as if there was only that place. That place I was taken to. No here, just there.

Sorry, let me start over. I lived with my parents in Philly…until I didn’t; until I was taken. They said it was fifteen years ago. Now I’m back and nobody knows why, or even how. When I was taken it was 1998, I was fourteen years old and thing is, I came back and it’s 2013 and I’m the same age! I’m still fourteen! I mean, I’m not, I’m older and tired and beaten. I’m not quite like I used to be, not quite… human, I guess.

I’ve been gone fifteen years but I haven’t grown, haven’t developed. Well, not normally anyway. My skin’s weird, an odd grey colour and my arms are longer! Really, longer! I’m thinner too but that ain’t surprising; they hardly fed us, but…I don’t remember being hungry…maybe I was…dunno. Doctors said it was malnutrition, but…starvation doesn’t make your arms grow, does it?

Klein, Dr. Albert: No, I suppose not, Billy.

Jamieson, Billy: Look, you want me to tell you what happened; get my feelings out, deal with the trauma, don’t you? Or is it just that you wanna know what happened, and you wanna deal with the trauma you feel about me being here? I know everyone’s afraid o’ me…even my parents! I know they wish I’d never come back. I think, maybe…I do too. I mean, what I went through was terrifying, it really was, but I didn’t have to think. I didn’t have to feel or deal with anything, like you guys want me to deal with things now. Just had to do as I was told, so I guess I just shut down; like a robot. Don’t remember much. You think I’m lying but I’m really not. Whether you believe me or not, it’s the truth.

I was a normal kid once; living with my parents in Mount Airy. I went to Charles W Henry Elementary but was gonna start High School in September. My best friends were Paul Jenkins and Dale…um…I…I don’t remember. He was my best friend! Why can’t I remember?

Klein, Dr. Albert: It’s okay, Billy.

Long pause.

Jamieson, Billy: Okay. We rented a movie that night. I can’t remember what, but it scared the crap outa me. How can I remember this when I can’t remember Dale’s surname? The guys were stayin’ over ‘cause my parents were out late. We watched the movie in the dark; late at night, popcorn and sodas. It was awesome! We were all scared, but tryin’ not to show it. After the movie I went downstairs to get more drinks. I was really spooked and turned on every light as I moved. I was sure something was watching me; stupid, huh? But I guess…somethin’ was, wasn’t it?



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